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7 Photos Of People Wearing Full Scuba Gear You Have No Way Of Proving Aren’t Sandra Bullock

America’s sweetheart is at it again! We all loved Sandra Bullock in Speed and The Heat. Now, here are seven photos of the Academy Award winner in full scuba gear, and there’s virtually no way you could ever prove otherwise.

1. Talk about a beach body! Sandra Bullock is seen here ready to hit the surf, as far as you know.

2. Someone has to be inside this full-body scuba suit, and who’s to say it isn’t While You Were Sleeping and The Blind Side star Sandra Bullock?

3. Is this Sandra Bullock going in for a dip? Sure.

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4. Wetsuit? Check. Oxygen tank? Check. Sandra Bullock? Totally possible. No way to know for sure one way or the other, and that’s good enough for us.

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5. Looks like Sandra Bullock’s Gravity costar George Clooney decided to tag along with her on this undersea excursion. And there’s nothing about this picture that suggests that is not an accurate description of what is happening here.

6. Listen, buddy, there are people out there who want to believe this is Sandra Bullock. In some way, they need to believe this is Sandra Bullock. Just let it go, okay?

7. Wow! Nobody rocks a snorkel quite like Sandra.

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