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7 Stunning Works Of Art That You’ll Think Are Photographs, Because They Are. Photography Is Art Too.

Worried your eyes are playing tricks on you? They’re not. These beautiful pieces are all photos, a widely accepted artistic discipline.

1. Revolving Door With Hand; Tom Petrillo

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It’s hard to tell exactly what this is at first, but a trained eye can discern that the artist shot this using digital. That’s right: artist. Photographers are artists too.

2. Still Life, New York; Wolfgang Tillmans

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If you don’t look closely, you could miss it. Notice the attention to detail, the color, the accuracy of this photograph—all part of a respected form of artistic expression.

3. 5417 Marigny Street, New Orleans, Louisiana; Robert Polidori

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Unsure if this is a photo? It is. Unsure if this photo is art? Make no mistake: This has been a widely appreciated medium for almost a century.

4. Sitting On The Wall: Haikou V; Weng Fen

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No doubt about it: This is artwork at its finest. If you don’t see that, then the problem is with you.

5. Untitled (Cowboy); Richard Prince

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Photography. Art. These words are not mutually exclusive, no matter how much you want them to be.

6. After A Flash Flood, Rancho Mirage, California, July 1979; Joel Sternfeld

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This work was displayed at the Met. That’s right, with all of the paintings and sculptures you love so much. At the Met.

7. Goldman Sachs Remnants Of Breakfast; Tom Petrillo

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You wouldn’t know art if it slapped you across the face.