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8 Awesome ’90s Bands You’ve Probably Forgotten Given All That’s On Your Plate Right Now

Take a trip down memory lane if you are in a good place to do so!

1. Eve 6

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You probably totally forgot about these guys! When’s the last time you thought about “Inside Out”? And who could blame you given everything going on at work, not to mention your screaming 8-month-old who seems to always have strep throat.

2. New Radicals

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Remember the New Radicals? Of course you don’t. You decided not to get that weird growth on your upper back looked at because you maxed out your HSA for the calendar year on your kid already, even though that bump has definitely gotten noticeably bigger since February and you have to sleep on your stomach now because it’s too tender to put much pressure on.

3. Vertical Horizon

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Ah yeah, Vertical Horizon! But only reflect fondly on this band that brought us “Everything You Want” if your mental bandwidth isn’t consumed with figuring out how to make a mortgage payment on a house you never even really wanted, but you were in a rut in your marriage so you just went with it.

4. Our Lady Peace

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Let’s face it: You don’t have time to be thinking about Our Lady Peace ever since Marcus quit, and now you have to handle his workload until they find a replacement, and you know HR is dragging its feet because you’ll do the work without complaining.

5. Better Than Ezra

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Calling all ’90s kids, except those who get into screaming matches with their mom over whether or not their dad, who is descending into dementia, should be allowed to drive anymore: Here’s old favorites Better Than Ezra!

6. Gin Blossoms

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Money is so, so tight right now.

7. Collective Soul

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You probably haven’t thought about Collective Soul in 15 years because, deep down inside, you know that Marcus left to get his dream job at an amazing web developer that treats its employees really well and probably pays almost double what you make.

8. The Donnas

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In many ways, it’s too painful to rediscover The Donnas right now, because doing so will only make you remember what life used to be like before you went five years into a career it turns out you hated and alienated your college friends by skipping out on two straight reunions and now they don’t call anymore. You have no one.