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8 Awesome Companies To Work For

We can’t all wake up every morning excited to get to work, but the people employed by these amazing companies sure do! Check out our list of just a few awesome companies to work for.

1. Google

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Coming in at No. 1 for the fourth straight year, Google is renowned for allowing, even encouraging, employees to eat anything that has fallen onto the floor. To promote employee morale, higher-ups have been known to drop food on the floors of the company’s massive Mountain View campus on purpose.

2. Facebook

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Employees love the collaborative atmosphere at this tech giant. People are encouraged to work with peers to eat any food that ends up on the floor, even if it’s not in their department!

3. Oxford University Press

The phrase “dictionary company” may conjure an image of a musty old office filled with aging books, but the Oxford English Dictionary publisher fights this perception by keeping things hip and progressive. If an employee drops a muffin on the floor during a staff meeting and eats it, no one bats an eye.

4. Chipotle

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The restaurant chain consistently ranks highly on employee satisfaction surveys due to its food-sharing policy, where all dropped food is collected in a big jar and then divided evenly amongst employees at the end of the shift.

5. Quiznos

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The fast food company is seemingly immune to the consistency issues that plague other national franchises. Employees know that if they eat a baguette off the floor of a Quiznos in Denver, it’s going to taste no different than a baguette picked up off the floor of a Quiznos in Ft. Lauderdale.

6. Deloitte

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Notable for its low turnover and high levels of worker satisfaction, the audit and consulting firm is also known for the special treatment it shows its personnel on their birthdays. On each employee’s birthday, their manager drops a cake on the ground and the employee has 90 seconds to eat as much of it as they can.

7. New York Yankees

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Famously rigid in their “No Facial Hair” policy for all employees, but famously liberal with their unprecedented “8-Second Rule.”

8. Bank Of America

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Make no mistake, eating food that fell on the ground isn’t encouraged here; it’s required.