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8 Experiences Everyone Has On Birthright

Birthright is an incredible, culturally significant experience. Also, free trip to Israel! Here are eight experiences everyone has on Birthright.

1. Getting to add a commandment to the Torah

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Yup. Everyone who goes on Birthright knows what an amazing feeling it is to make up a commandment, knowing that it will be an official rule of Judaism forever.

2. Diving in the Dead Sea for prophet bones

There’s nothing like seeing the Dead Sea in person. The natural beauty is simply breathtaking, and the skeletons of all the biblical patriarchs you find will make great souvenirs.

3. Praying to Vishnu with the other teens when your tour guides aren’t looking

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Hey, this might be your first time away from home without parental supervision. Of course you’re going to misbehave a little!

4. Constant sex with Adi and Shimon

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These are the two most attractive soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces, and they have dozens of hours of sex with every single person who goes on Birthright. It’s exhausting, but it wouldn’t be Birthright without Adi and Shimon.

5. Slipping a $20 bill in the Western Wall to tip God

It’s a small gesture of appreciation, but it means a lot to the big guy.

6. Riding ‘Escape The Pogroms! An Interactive 3D Adventure’ at the Jewish Heritage Museum

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This coaster has mind-blowing turns and loops, but it goes beyond any normal ride by putting a laser cannon in your hand so you can blast your way through waves of Cossacks.

7. Shaking Yasser Arafat’s hand

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Peace is still an elusive goal for Israel, which is why it’s so inspiring when Yasser Arafat walks into your hotel room, clasps your hand, and promises to forge a diplomatic relationship.

8. Visiting Paris

You’re already overseas, so why not extend your ticket and take a side trip to France? It’s simply magical to climb the Eiffel Tower, tour the Louvre, and walk along the banks of the Seine. Going to Paris is the best part of visiting Israel!