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8 Sci-Fi Wonders That Could Actually Be Built In Your Lifetime

The future is closer than you think. Scientists predict that we could create these high-tech marvels within the century.

1. Space Elevator

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Instead of using rocket ships, scientists say that someday very soon we’ll be able to ride a space elevator into orbit, meaning humans can rely on super-long cables that will be cheaper and safer than taking a shuttle. Unfortunately, the only material strong enough to make the cables is spider silk, and NASA doesn’t have nearly enough spiders to produce the thousands of miles of string required. If you find a spider, don’t kill it; instead, put it in an envelope with a couple of live flies for food and mail it to Cape Canaveral.

2. Ultrachute

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What if you could travel between New York City and Los Angeles in just an hour? That could be possible, if we connect them with an Ultrachute. This pressurized tube can launch a passenger pod at speeds reaching 3,000 miles per hour! To avoid having the high velocity damage your body, the chute only transports your brain, which is surgically removed before the ride and suspended in a cushioning gel. Once you reach your destination, a new body is grown for your brain using cloning technology that will be invented by then.

3. Lunar Exclamation Point

Since humans first looked up at the night sky, we’ve dreamed of giving the moon a giant exclamation point. After all this waiting, it’s finally going to happen. The plan is to take some land from behind the moon, then scatter it over approximately 19,000 miles to form a large punctuation mark in the sky.

4. Sea Philadelphia

It may sound far-fetched, but several billionaires are already investing in the technology to build a mobile Philadelphia on the ocean. The giant city ship would have everything you love about Philly, such as its own Liberty Bell, Citizens Bank Park, and Rocky statue, except that it would be free to roam the high seas, a libertarian paradise unrestrained by the laws of any country. Someday in the future, there may be hundreds of nautical Philadelphias, sailing across all the oceans of the world.

5. Mars Highway

One of the biggest obstacles to exploring Mars is the uneven terrain, which forces robotic rovers to travel slowly and cautiously. Planetary researchers hope to one day build a nice two-lane highway across Mars so robots can cruise at 60 miles per hour while photographing rocks.

6. Skee-Ball Machine Where All The Holes Are Worth 100 Points

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Skee-Ball machines are currently limited to only giving 100 points if you get a ball in the furthest, most difficult-to-reach holes. Engineers are working hard to improve our lives by developing a machine where even the closest hole awards 100 points. The ultimate goal is to one day allow people to earn 100 points without even having to throw a ball at all.

7. Slightly Taller Skyscraper

The tallest building in the world is Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, which reaches a staggering 2,722 feet. However, architects expect that, one day, we will create a skyscraper that is even slightly taller, with a somewhat better view and a smidge more floor space.

8. The Hemisphereoid

After the Earth is rendered an uninhabitable wasteland, the last few thousand remaining humans will live inside the Hemispheroid. This impervious titanium sphere will contain a self-sufficient metropolis that is completely sealed off from the toxic atmosphere. Scientists believe we might have to build this awesome dome as soon as 2025!