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It’s Happening: Is Putting Up A Paywall To Drive Revenue

Bad news for fans of Next time you visit the official website of the 2003 film, you’ll be met with a paywall.

Here is the way the website broke the news earlier today:

Dear Visitors,

First of all, thank you for visiting It is an honor to provide accurate Cheaper By The Dozen casting information, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and did-you-know-style trivia every day, 24/7. After a long discussion among our board of editors, we’ve decided to try out a paywall system, as is becoming the norm among websites driven by original content.

Nothing you love about will change. In fact, we’ll be bolstering our content and growing the site with great new stuff. (The original storyboards you guys have been asking for? Keep an eye out for those!) Thank you again for being a loyal reader.

So, just how bad is the new paywall gonna be on your wallet? According to the website’s owners, monthly subscriptions will start at $12.95 for “Tom Baker” access and $18.95 for “Kate Baker” access. “Tom Baker” access allows unlimited pageviews anywhere on the domain, while “Kate Baker” access grants members entry into an exclusive weekly chatroom with Cheaper By The Dozen’s second assistant director, Brian Relyea.

It’s a gamble for as it tries to monetize its content and convert its 60 million unique monthly users into paid subscribers, as it remains to be seen how far numbers will drop in response to the paywall. Users who subscribe to the’s weekly mailing list will automatically be enrolled in “Tom Baker” access at no additional cost.

For those unwilling to pay, everyone will still get 10 free pageviews a month—although word on social media is that deleting your cookies resets your view counter, so use that loophole while you can!

Reaction on Twitter has been predictably negative:

What do you think about the paywall? Will it change your browsing habits? Let us know!