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These 7 Natural Wonders Will Make You Feel Small, But Would Make A Giant Feel Normal

Mother Nature has produced some truly colossal wonders! It’s impossible not to feel tiny when you see these sights, unless you’re a towering giant. Then these natural formations would actually make you finally feel average.

1. Giant Sequoia

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You or I would be awestruck by this immense sequoia, which is over 270 feet tall! A giant would just view this as a regular-sized tree.

2. Mariana Trench

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To reach the deepest parts of the world’s oceans, you’d have to dive down more than six miles into the crushing black depths of the Pacific. While this depth is surely mind-blowing to us, a giant would see the trench as the perfect swimming hole that’s just barely deep enough to take a dip in.

3. Mount Kilimanjaro

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For a giant used to being shunned and feared by humanity, it might be a relief to stand next to Africa’s tallest mountain and pretend they’re an ordinary person gazing at Africa’s shortest mountain.

4. Grand Canyon

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Each year, millions of tourists visit the Grand Canyon to behold the sweeping vista carved into the landscape by the Colorado River. Giants would still appreciate the hypnotic patterns of sedimentary rock, even if they don’t think the canyon is more than a rambling creek in a narrow ravine.

5. Angel Falls

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The Venezuelan rainforest is home to the world’s tallest waterfall. The spring plunges down 2,648 feet, perfectly sized to serve as a shower for a giant who’s 2,638 feet tall.

6. Cave Of The Crystals

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Mexico’s Cueva de los Cristales contains massive gypsum crystals that dwarf any human who stands next to them. Giants would cut the cave in half and put it on their shelf as a decorative geode.

7. Antarctica

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Few people realize how huge Antarctica is. At 5.4 million square miles, it’s the world’s fifth-largest continent and truly a natural wonder. To put it in perspective: A giant living in Antarctica would feel like a human living in Pennsylvania, except it would be colder.