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10 Bioluminescent Organisms That Better Cut That Freaky Shit Out Before I Call The Cops

I’m about to dial 911 on these deep-sea creatures if they don’t cool it with that messed-up glowy magic.

1. This jellyfish better cut all that shiny shit out before I pick up the phone and get the cops over here.

2. Jesus. No way am I going to sit here and tolerate this freaky-ass bullshit from a bunch of fucking fish.

3. No no no no no no no no no. NO. Just stop it!

4. I’m seriously this close to calling the cops on this octopus for some creepy glow-in-the-dark trickery.

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5. This creepy fucker is gonna be arrested ASAP unless it stops right now.

6. That’s the freakiest magic I’ve ever seen a fish do in real life and I want a cop to come deal with it.

7. Freaky…

8. Okay, I’m warning you!

9. Holy crap!

10. That’s it, I’m calling the goddamn cops.

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