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10 Crayons Pretending To Be Other Crayons

These creative crayons are impressing us with some convincing costumes!

1. Oh, clever, clever crayon. But you’re not fooling anyone. Don’t think we can’t see right through you.

2. Nice try. You’re nothing but a green crayon in pink’s clothing.

3. Sorry, but just because you’re posing with a green drawing, isn’t going to be enough to convince us you made it, yellow crayon.

4. Wow! Just wow. Doesn’t that look for all the world like a white crayon? Color us impressed!

5. It takes maybe half a second to tell that this blue crayon isn’t as “well-red” as it purports to be. Maybe in another life, blue. Maybe in another world.

6. Well, well, well. Check out this purple cray—wait a second! Is that a burgundy crayon in there? Almost, little guy. Almost.

7.  This one’s so disgusting you almost just have to laugh. 


9. Blue crayon, you fox, you crafty fox. You almost tricked us. Almost, but not this time.

10. Where did the yellow crayon go? No. This is wrong. This is all wrong.


The crayons…they have won again.