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10 Images That Make The Lincoln Memorial Go ‘Aww’ For Some Reason

When the Lincoln Memorial sculpture sees any of these images, it goes ‘aww.’ We don’t know why or how it does this.

1. Inexplicably, holding this picture of flying flamingos in front of the Lincoln Memorial makes it utter a faint, whispered “awww.”

2. After about 30 seconds of looking at this, the Lincoln Memorial goes “aww,” then falls silent for another 30 seconds before repeating it.

3. Showing this to the Lincoln Memorial also makes it go “aww.” Usually it goes “aww” softly, but every now and then it will let out a booming “AWWWW” when it sees this.

4. Does this portrait of Abraham Lincoln’s rival Civil War general evoke deep memories in the Lincoln Memorial? We’re not sure that’s even the right question to ask. Anyway, the famous sculpture goes “aww” every time it sees this.

5. Some people say the Lincoln Memorial goes “awww” when it sees this map on Xinjiang’s position in China, while others describe it as more of an “ooooh.”

6. It kept going “aww” for several minutes after this one.

7. This emotional image makes the Lincoln Memorial emit a deep, minute-long “awwwwwwwwwwww.”

8. As long as this image is in front of it, the statue continues going “aww” at wildly different volumes and for markedly disparate durations. As far as we can tell, it never tires out.

9. Hundreds of people have printed this image out and shown it to the Lincoln Memorial. We should be clear, the national monument has never displayed any other signs of consciousness. It just makes this sound.

10. This picture produces the quietest “aw” of all, but also the one most full of emotion.