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11 Neat Reptiles Your Pale Cousin Would Be Into

That weird guy would probably be pretty jazzed if he saw these.

1. Seems like a decent snake. Bet that your pale-ass cousin could bond with this thing.

2. This iguana is right up your cousin’s alley. It’s easy to picture him stooped over its glass cage, feeding it wriggling crickets.

3. Your cousin would totally wear this thing around his shoulders during a family dinner.

4. Look at this beady-eyed thing. Wouldn’t surprise us if your cousin had a poster of this thing on the wall of his room.

5. Yup. He’d love this little guy.

6. He’s all about shit like this. No doubt that weird guy would spout tortoise facts for hours.

7. Are frogs reptiles? We don’t care. Ask your cousin. His eyes would light right up at the chance to talk to you about that.

8. He’d probably know if this alligator is a crocodile or whatever.

9. Another emotionless monster, just the way your pale cousin likes ’em.

10. At least your cousin lives in a different state.

11. Okay, this one is pretty cool.