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11 Times The Washcloth Brothers Were So Hot You Almost Forgot How To Breathe

Someone get us an oxygen mask—this is seriously too much hotness to handle.

1. When they wiped a basketball with their washcloths and you’d never been more jealous of a basketball in your life.

2. When they showed their silly side and your heart melted into a pile of putty.

3. When they made Blake Lively the luckiest woman alive.

4. When Roland dreamily flung his washcloth over his shoulder like something straight out of GQ.

5. When they made jack-o’-lanterns and you were still swooning days afterwards.

6. When their washcloths briefly touched and you got so turned on that you fainted.

7. When they took a nap together and you would’ve given everything you owned to snuggle up between them.

8. When Robin got carsick but still managed to make it look sexy.

9. THIS.

10. When they lip-synced on Fallon and it was so sexy that you were gasping for air.

11. Dear Lord, we are not worthy of the Washcloth Brothers. Cannot. Look. Away.