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12 Ski Instructors We Dressed Up As Doctors For This List

We thought it would be fun!

1. No ski suit today for this guy! Awesome.

2. Stethoscope? Check. Surgical cap? Check. Her usual ski poles? Nope!

3. It feels good to let loose every once in a while and do something like this.

4. Oh Dr. Ski Instructor, there’s a patient here to see you! 😉

5. If this guy walked up to you on the street dressed this way, you’d probably say something like, “Off to the hospital, Doc?” without even realizing that he’s a ski instructor!

6. We already had a bunch of doctor clothes lying around, and this just seemed like a great use of them!

7. Look at that smile! Everyone’s having fun.

8. When he put on his outfit, this ski instructor said he was going to pretend to be a doctor who specializes in ski instructors. Haha, sure, why not?

9. This is a blast.

10. Tomorrow, this woman will be instructing our nation’s youth on slaloms and things of that nature. But today, she is dressed like a doctor!

11. Here for a checkup? Not so fast…it’s another ski instructor! 😀 We’re so mean!

12. Well, here’s the last ski instructor we dressed up as a doctor. This sure was fun to put together, and hopefully this list added a little color to your day on this amazing spinning glass marble in the sky we call Planet Earth.