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14 Tennis Balls And You’ll Never Guess Which One Is Mine

There are many tennis balls in the world, but only one is mine. Which one could it be?

1. This is a tennis ball. My tennis ball? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

2. Do you want to know if this is my tennis ball? I’m not saying.

3. Maybe it’s this one.

4. Or this one!

5. Is curiosity starting to drive you mad?

6. Which tennis ball I own is my precious secret.

7. Beg me. Bribe me. Threaten me. You can’t make me tell.

8. You wish I would say, “Here is my tennis ball,” but no, it won’t be that easy.

9. All right, all right. I’ve had my fun. So here it is: my tennis ball.

10. HA! I was lying about the previous one being my tennis ball! Were you fooled? Did you really think I had told you which one was my tennis ball? Maybe I did! Or maybe it’s this one here.

11. You won’t get a hint out of me!

12. I delight in your confusion!

13. Tee-hee-hee.

14. Here is the final tennis ball. Now guess which tennis ball is mine, and then look below for the answer.

ANSWER: I’ll never tell! You will always wonder which tennis ball is mine! My tennis ball will haunt you forever! Aha!