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16 Insanely Cool Facts About The Brain

You use it every day, but how much do you really know about your brain? Check out this list of facts and prepare to be blown away by your incredible lump of gray matter.

1. In 1970, it took two adult brains to store a single memory, while one adult brain today can store millions.

2. After humans die, their brains remain conscious for an average of eight months.

3. There are four parts of the brain: the warm slab, the crown of veins, ribcage minor, and the dial.

4. Without the skull to contain it, the brain would grow to be over 500 pounds and roughly the size of a Toyota Prius.

5. A brain submerged in a fish tank would make a disaster of a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

6. The average human loses their baby brain at 8 years old and endures 12 weeks of biological stasis before their adult brain grows in.

7. The skull evolved to be high off the ground to escape the brain’s natural predator, the garter snake.

8. Psychopaths don’t have this crucial part of the brain that controls empathy:

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9. The brain is made up of billions of neurons and one clever little minnow.

10. Sneezing is the process of the brain discarding thoughts of incest.

11. The human brain is 75 percent mind.

12. This is the image that gets the largest response out of the human brain:

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13. To eat a brain, there is no pleasure greater, nor any pleasure more forbidden.

14. There is a part of your brain devoted entirely to thinking about maybe getting tacos and a second part that decides, Yeah, that sounds good.

15. Earth’s largest mammal, the blue whale, requires 15 human brains to do all its thinking.

16. If you can see this image, your brain is fully developed:

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