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20 Reasons Why Your 20s Are Better Than Your 30s

Nervous about turning the big Two-Oh? Don’t worry, because your 20s are way better than your 30s!

1. You’re younger.

2. Your body is filled with youthful energy.

3. You have fewer responsibilities.

4. Your metabolism is better.

5. If you don’t like your job, there’s plenty of time to change careers or get promoted.

6. Your skin is nicer.

7. Your whole life is ahead of you.

8. You feel healthier.

9. Most cultures consider youth beautiful.

10. When compared to someone who is 32, you are younger.

11. When you go to a party, you get to attend in a youthful, vivacious body.

12. Your parents are younger.

13. You don’t have to eat as healthy.

14. You’re less old.

15. Without the minor aches and pains that occur in your 30s, you aren’t troubled by the thought of what it will feel like when you’re actually old.

16. Old age is an abstraction, instead of an actual thing you experience happening to you in real time.

17. Hangovers aren’t as bad.

18. Although being in your 30s isn’t that bad, there’s not much to recommend it over being in your 20s, and plenty of downsides.

19. Your 40s are further away.

20. In your 20s, you finally discover who you really are: a happy, carefree person with a young body.

Feel better? Your 20s are going to be awesome!