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20 Times Pope Francis Won Us Over

Pope Francis has won our hearts countless times. Here are 20 of our fave moments from our fave pope.

The time he yelled “Go away!” at a painting of Satan.

The time he touched up the frescos in the Sistine Chapel so that all the saints are holding iPads.

The time he rode around in a motorcycle sidecar passing out Rolos to people.

The time he didn’t refute the rumor that there was a cyclops buried beneath St. Peter’s Basilica but just winked instead.

The time he tripped walking into St. Peter’s Basilica and all kinds of snacks spilled out of his holy vestments.

The time he said that if you’ve been slimed by Nickelodeon, you’ve technically been baptized.

The time he juggled four balls, but in private so as not to appear boastful.

The time he temporarily lost his divine powers during an eclipse and had to save the Catholic faith with just his wits alone.

The time he got the Macklemore haircut as a joke.

The time he blew a kiss toward the sky and 30 angels exploded from the clouds trying to retrieve it.

The time he briefly pretended his scepter was a double-sided lightsaber.

The time he opened a sermon by saying, “Jim Henson, wherever you are right now, this one’s for you.”

The time it rained in Rome and he went on the Weather Channel and said God was crying because he was so proud of everyone.

The time he led the Vatican Basketball League in assists.

The time he won third place in the New Yorker caption contest for the caption “I’ll take it to go.”

The time he announced that Monster cables aren’t any better than the cheap kind and that Guitar Center sales associates need to stop telling people otherwise.

The time he said mass in character as JFK.

The time he pointed at two men kissing and said, “Sure!”

The time he hugged a little dipshit.

The time he said all motorbikes go to heaven.