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4 Bunnies We Must Pet And 2 Bunnies We Must Eat

No matter what kind of day you are having, it is ALWAYS a good idea to stop and enjoy some pictures of cute bunnies. Luckily, we’ve got you covered—take a few minutes and enjoy these four adorable bunnies we must pet and also two bunnies we must absolutely eat.

1. We must pet this cute bunny

Okay, right off the bat, this bunny is too cute to be ignored and we NEED to pet him. Looking into those eyes is making us melt, and it physically hurts to not be able to reach through the screen and feel how soft he is for ourselves. Come to us, little ball of fluff—we want to cuddle, STAT!

2. Another perfect bunny for petting

It’s basically a law of the universe that if a bunny is inside of a basket, it becomes 10,000 times cuter, so we absolutely MUST pet this little guy. That sweet face peeking out has “I’m a great snuggler” written all over it. Honestly, if we got to pet this bunny just once, we’re pretty sure it would solve every single one of our problems. He’s THAT perfect.

3. This bunny is food

This right here is a bunny we must eat immediately. Literally everything about him from his ears to his tail is making us want to devour his flesh right away. If someone asked us to describe the exact bunny that we always wanted to snack on, we would basically describe this picture. He’s the bunny of our dreams, and we’re definitely eating him as soon as possible. 10/10!

4. We NEED to pet this bunny

Cuteness. OVERLOAD. This bunny is absolutely begging for us to pet him—it should be a crime to have a face that adorable. We’re already imagining this teeny tiny friend curling up in bed for a nap and nibbling on tiny baby carrots and OMG It’s too much to handle. Petting this bunny would probably feel like touching a cloud, and we want it NOW.

5. This cutie needs to be pet!

This precious baby is so cute it almost makes you wonder if he’s real, and now our entire goal in life is to find and pet this bunny. If he’s THIS irresistible in a picture, our hearts would probably explode if we got to see that little pink nose twitching in real life.

6. This bunny has to be eaten

WOW. For this bunny, the only possible fate is to become our next meal. It isn’t every day you see a rabbit that is pretty much MADE to fill up your stomach, so this guy is definitely special. It would honestly be an honor to skin him, strip his carcass clean with our teeth, and then suck the delicious marrow out of his bones. Okay, we’re officially cancelling all of our plans—from now on, all we want to do is cook this bunny and put him in our mouth.