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5 AMBER Alerts That Were Sent Out That Were Clearly More Focused On How Sweet The Car Was

AMBER Alerts are an indispensable tool to coordinate a community in response to a child abduction, but every now and then, the dispatchers will lose focus because the car involved is extremely badass. These five AMBER Alerts in particular show just how distracting an insanely sweet ride can be for them.

This AMBER Alert manages to convey some identifying details about the car, but for most people, a license plate would have helped a lot more than conjectures about the car’s horsepower. A real misfire here.

As useful as it is to know that the suspect’s car is relatively rare, it’s definitely inappropriate for the alert to compliment the suspect of an in-progress kidnapping on his paint job. Overall, this isn’t the best AMBER Alert.

This one mostly reads like an ad for the car. Also—and this should go without saying—it’s very unhelpful for an AMBER Alert to tell people not to do anything if they find the missing child.

This is one of the worst we’ve seen. Including a photo could actually be really useful for AMBER Alerts, but it should have to be of the specific car being looked for and not a still from The Fast And The Furious. Definitely room for improvement.

There are good details here, but it’s hard to tell what is the actual description of the suspect’s car and what is the dispatcher’s fantasy of their own dream car. All of these AMBER Alerts are better than nothing, of course, but it could be helpful for the people writing them to rein in their love for sick rides while they’re on the job. Just a thought.