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5 Awesome ’90s Toys That You Can Rub On Your Legs In The Dark

Any real ’90s kid remembers growing up with these amazing toys, and now it’s time to turn off the lights and rub them on your legs! Here are five awesome ’90s toys that you can rub on your legs in the dark.

1. Bop It

With its infectious rhythm and addictive gameplay, Bop It was definitely one of the most fun toys to come out of the ’90s. And now that you’ve grown up it’s time to find a cold, dark place and rub Bop It on your legs. Rub Bop It on your legs in the dark. It’s never been easier.

2. Pogs

Remember pogs? Pogs were amazing! Now you must take a box of pogs deep into a cave and rub them on your legs in the dark. It’s totally fine to stand underground in a pitch-black cavern and rub pogs on your legs. You’re allowed to do it.

3. Furby

When it comes to ’90s toys, Furby is pretty much the king of them all! Furby could learn English and talk to you, and best of all, now that you’re all grown up, you can walk into the woods at night and rub Furby on your legs in the dark. There is no law against doing this! If you do not rub Furby on your legs in the dark, you are an idiot.

4. Crocodile Dentist

What are you waiting for! It’s time to do it! You’re just not a ’90s kid unless you take Crocodile Dentist into a storage facility, shut the door behind you, turn off the lights, and then rub the thing all over your legs! The police cannot and will not arrest you for rubbing Crocodile Dentist on your legs in the dark! It’s just another reason why the ’90s were the coolest time ever to be a kid!

5. Power Wheels

What is wrong with you? Rub this baby-sized car on your legs in the dark immediately! A Power Wheels car is VERY HEAVY, but nevertheless you are REQUIRED to rub it on your legs in the dark as soon as you can! If you cannot lift the Power Wheels car, then become stronger so that you can do it! If you grew up in the ’90s and remember the Power Wheels small car for children, then you MUST SCOUR YOUR SHINS AND THIGHS with it with the lights off! Just blow out all the candles lighting your room, and once you are plunged into total darkness, then start doing it! If you don’t then you’re not a ’90s kid and you will get SICK!