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5 Car Hacks We Can’t Believe You Never Knew About

Once you hear the simple hacks that will transform your life on the road, they’re going to seem so obvious.

1. The notion of being able to see behind you might seem like science fiction, but you’d never believe that all cars come with a rearview mirror allowing you to do just that. Mind = Blown.

2. Everyone knows about the big wheel in the front that makes the honking noises, but almost nobody realizes that very wheel can actually change the direction your car travels in. Believe it.

3. Trust us, we didn’t believe it either, but your car has the ability to be operated even after regular business hours of 9am-5pm. Just don’t take advantage of this hack too often, or your car may have something to say to HR!

4. Sure, you know about time—the sequential measure of events typically ordered from past to future—but did you know that your car has a device that can keep track of this phenomenon? Just look right at your dash and prepare to have your world completely rocked.

5. Tired of spending hours getting your groceries into your car? Well, get this: You can cut that time to five minutes by switching from manually screwing on and off your trunk lid to using the open-trunk button on your keys. Incredible!

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