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5 Easy Ways To Turn A Regular Baby Into An Awesome Decorative Accent!

If you have an extra baby just sitting around in your home, you might not realize it, but you’re already halfway to a refined, eye-catching DIY decor project! Here are six easy ways to turn a regular baby into an awesome decorative accent.

1. Put the baby in a puffy outfit and place him on the couch as a throw pillow

Babies have a great natural puffiness that makes them perfect for use as a pillow. If your baby is always sitting around in a high chair adding absolutely no design value to your home, throw him in a winter coat with a color scheme that matches your living room and then arrange him atop the couch so that guests can prop themselves up against him and relax. This will lend lovely visual texture and style to the room, all while making use of an infant you already own for free!

2. Hand the baby some flowers and use her as a centerpiece

Any baby you have lying around can make a great centerpiece vase if you have her hold some flowers from outside. Give the baby some brandy to mellow her out so she won’t squirm around, then fill her tiny arms with flowers and set her out before a dinner party to bring a festive pop of color to your table setting. As an added bonus, your guests can wave at her and enjoy her periodic shrieks. It’s a clever and stylish way to make use of an otherwise useless baby.

3. Mount the baby above your front door to welcome guests into your home

A tastefully decorated front door can do a lot to make a home feel more inviting. If you’re planning on having guests over, try to find a nice-looking baby and hang it on your front door by its onesie. That way, people will have no trouble finding your house, since you can specify in the invitation that it’s the one with the baby writhing around and yelling “MILK!” at everyone who passes by. You can also deck the baby out in seasonal flair such as a hat with autumn leaves glued to it or a tiny summery snorkel to truly capture the spirit of the occasion. 

4. Tie several babies together in a rustic bundle to display on your coffee table

Gourds, candles, coffee table books—arranging small, tasteful objects throughout your living room is a smart way to add visual texture to your color scheme. This design hack requires a few babies, but it’s worth it, and it’s easy to pick up some extras on the street or at playgrounds if you keep an eye out. Simply gather five to six babies, tie them together with an attractive piece of raffia, and voila! The cooing mass of infants will make your living room Insta-worthy in no time. (Pro tip: It may be worth lighting a sage bundle in the same general vicinity to help mask the concentrated fecal stench of six diapered mammals freely expressing their bowels.)  

5. Give the baby a set of numbers to point at for use as a clock

Some say clocks are outdated, but this classic wall accent will never go out of style. If you surround your baby with a bunch of cut-out numbers and teach her to point at them and scream at the appropriate hours, you’ll have a clock that will be the envy of all your friends! A lot of times, a baby can be a visual black hole in your home, or even an eyesore, but no longer. Transform yours into a beautiful clock today!