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5 Favorite Skinny TV Lady Who Love To EAT

They do pizza, they do french fries, they do movies! Here are five favorite skinny TV lady who love to EAT!

1. Kristen Bell

Now this a tiny star who can eat, and we mean really EAT! She sooo skinny you might not see her, but when you hear CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH you know she is near! We love you, skinny TV lady! The ice cream is ON US!!

2. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy’s whole life is actress and meatloaf. No matter how much she act or eat she never ever expands. How you do it Chrissy? Chrissy never does tell us how she can be thin and have LUNCH as well. Oh well, still we become always so happy she is TV forever!

3. Anna Kendrick

Anna what in your purse? Let us guess… Could it be… Yes it is! A whole ROAST TURKEY inside PURSE! For regular person that is meal but for very skinny Cup Song star it is simply snack!! Lights, camera, bon appétit!

4. Gilmore Girl

When Gilmore come to town everybody hide the Dorito because Gilmore HUNGRY! Gilmore best friend make cake every minute for Gilmore but it never enough. Gilmore BEG Luke for more pie!! She lives the life of dessert and still she is SIZE SMALL for her pants! Seven-year Gilmore search for fondue and we are HERE FOR IT!

5. Ellen DeGeneres

From cradle to grave Ellen NEED mozzarella! Ellen a monster for mozzarella. No amount of mozzarella make Ellen big but still Ellen do not stop. Eat and act eat and act eat and act till day she die! Ellen is looking so SKINNY forever while she eat the big mozzarella always!