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5 Questions About Gender Identity That You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask, You Bashful Little Baby Monkey

When it comes to understanding gender identity, it’s okay not to know it all. Here are five questions you had but were too afraid to ask, you sweet, shy little monkey, you!

1. What’s the difference between gender and sex? Look at you piping up with a question like that after sitting there quiet as a clam all this time! Nothing would have happened if you’d asked earlier, cubby bear. You were scared just to ask the difference between sexual identity and gender identity? You know, if you ever have a question like that, you can just say so.

2. What does the phrase “gender transition” mean exactly? Dawwww. Looks like a certain blushing bunny was so shy that they didn’t even work up the courage to ask what transitioning is. You didn’t need to get all red-faced and nervous about that. You can ask whatever questions you like, gumdrop.

3. What are transsexuals and cross-dressers? Are they the same as transgender people? You were wondering about these the whole time but you never knew who to ask or how, did you, you odd duck, you! What were you so scared of? Pumpkin, all you’ll ever have to worry about are the thousands of butterfly kisses your chubby cherub cheeks are going to get. You’re too cute.

4. How does someone know if they have a nontraditional gender identity? Silly mouse! No matter what’s on your mind, no matter what part of gender identity you’re wondering about, you won’t be bothering anyone to ask. So stop hiding away in your hole and ask away. All we want anyway is to see your adorable face!

5. How do I treat a transgender person with respect? Oh, sweet little baby. You’re just a mouthful of sugar.