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5 Reasons To Study The Humanities

Art. Music. Literature. We often think of these liberal arts fields as secondary to more lucrative college majors, but here’s why the humanities matter now more than ever before.

1. To find the hidden clues in Bellini’s Procession In St. Mark’s Square

It takes a good, well-rounded education in church and art history to read Bellini’s true message. That type of reliquary is not in keeping with the time and would not have been used for another 200 years after Bellini’s death. And the member of the confraternity in the bottom right has removed his biretta from his head, an unthinkable breach of protocol. Only through the humanities can our children interpret these anomalies and learn the entrance to the Cubiculum Omnium Animarum.

2. To unlock the true meaning of the Hagia Sophia

This beautiful basilica in Istanbul, the former seat of Christianity, is a popular tourist destination, and would be nothing more than that without a proper training in symbology, a basic humanity. Only then can our children hear the secrets whispered by these walls. Why, these intricate paintings aren’t merely decorations! They are a map! A map showing us exactly where to find the Orphean Cube.

3. Deciphering the Orphean Cube

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Let’s be realistic: If the next generation doesn’t have a solid footing in Latin, 16th-Century Nautical Law, Nordic Poetry, and Music, they will likely struggle throughout their adult lives trying to decipher the Orphean Cube in time before the vernal equinox. By then, The Order of the Ascension will be more than four steps ahead of them.

4. Finding the Light of the Child before it’s too late

How will our children be able to race their way through the streets of St. Petersburg, evading the Hegemonic Elders and highly trained agents of the Romanian government, if we don’t give them the language and geography skills to do so?

5. Returning to their jobs in the Cambridge Department of Mysteries secure in the knowledge that the world is safe for now

Our kids will be lucky to get a job in ANY school’s department of mysteries at the rate they are falling behind students from Sweden and Eritrea!