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5 Sex Scenes We Actually Enjoyed Watching With Our Parents

Who doesn’t fondly remember watching these steamy sex scenes with their mom and dad?

1. Titanic’s sex in the car

Nope, there was nothing better than being nestled between our parents on the couch while Jack and Rose went at it in the backseat of a car. Watching the two lovers tangle their sweaty limbs in clandestine coitus is such a great sex scene that it only got better when we were watching it with Mom and Dad.

2. Eyes Wide Shut’s masked orgy

Nobody’s excusing themselves to go to the bathroom when this parade of nudity appears on TV. In fact, if you’re anything like us, you probably begged your dad to rewind it so you could watch this enthralling orgy a second time.

3. Showgirls’ swimming pool

When Elizabeth Berkley got wet and wild in the swimming pool, it was an incredible moment that made us and our parents chant “Humping! Humping! Humping!” until our voices were hoarse and the movie had been over for three hours.

4. The Brown Bunny’s unsimulated fellatio

It’s a controversial scene that nobody in the family wanted to miss. As soon as Chloë Sevingy started performing oral sex, we’d call in Grandma and Grandpa, our uncles, aunts, and all our siblings and cousins, so the whole family could enjoy watching that blowjob together.

5. Deep Throat’s, well, the entire movie!

Visiting home was never complete without popping in the DVD of this 1972 classic porno, then making unblinking eye contact with your mother so you could watch the film reflected in her eyeball. It’s a family tradition that you hope to pass on to your own kids someday!