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5 Signs It’s Time To Stop Walking, Going To Work, Replying To Texts, Etc, And Time To Start FLOATING

Do you fantasize about leaving it all behind? Have you had enough? Are you tired of the bullcrap? Here are 5 signs it’s time to forget your troubles (walking, going to work, replying to text messages, etc) and start FLOATING.

1. Your feet hurt

Why do your feet hurt? Perhaps your feet hurt due to standing, walking around, kicking, the painful feeling of your feet touching the floor, punting footballs, and so on. Foot pain is merely the body’s response to not floating. If your feet hurt, your body is basically screaming, “Enough with this bullcrap. Let me FLOAT. Let me FLOAT so my feet won’t hurt.” When your body sends you a message like that, you better listen and start FLOATING right away.

2. You’ve lost interest in the mall, banking, your children, basketball, clocks etc

Do not miss this warning sign. The reason activities like picking your kids up at school or doing the laundry don’t interest you anymore is because you’re no longer meant for that bullcrap. Things like microwaving rice or paying the internet bill or putting on lotions is simply now bullcrap to you and it’s because it’s time for a change in how high you are hovering above the ground (FLOATING). What you’re meant for is lying flat on your back, closing your eyes, and FLOATING up, up, and away to a place where your problems, like shoelaces, expired canned food, and online order returns, won’t follow.

3. You critique others for being on the ground because you resent the fact that you are on the ground as well

Often, what we hate in others is really what we just resent in ourselves. Do you look at your neighbor and think, “What a stupid bum. Always just standing on the ground, walking around, keeping their feet on the floor, never hovering 30 to 6,000 feet above me, being a bum, etc.” If you think this, it’s probably just because you’ve been thinking it about yourself. And if that’s the case, then it’s time for rising up into the air in a style known as FLOATING.

4. Your email inbox is a disaster

Having trouble maintaining your emails? Responding to emails? Deleting, sending, receiving emails, etc? That’s because your mind is practically begging you to cut the bullcrap out of your life. Throw your email in the garbage can, because where you’re going (FLOATING), there’s no email. It’s nothing but you and the sky.

5. At night you dream of blimps

Dreams mean absolutely nothing unless you dream of blimps. Then it means “FLOATING.” If you’ve dreamed of blimps once, twice, or even more times than that, then what are you waiting for? There will never be a perfect free moment to float. If everyone waited until grad school wrapped up or their kid’s soccer season ended to FLOAT, no one would ever be FLOATING. They would just be living the life of bullcrap forever. If you are done with the bullcrap, it’s already long past the time you were meant to FLOAT, and your brain is sending you images of blimps in your sleep to let you know that FLOATING in the blimp’s style is now your only option of being alive in a way free of the bullcrap. So what are you waiting for? Lie flat, close your eyes, and let yourself drift towards the clouds. FLOAT away, past the bullcrap, past the clouds. You feel that? That’s FLOATING.