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5 Times Cobweb Lady Was Looking At You

A macro photography of my own blue Iris, it has great detail and a big magnification.

One of the coolest things about Cobweb Lady is that she is often looking at you, even when you don’t know about it! Here are just five of the many, many times that Cobweb Lady was looking at you.

1. On the day you were born

On the day you were born, Cobweb Lady was looking at you. Cobweb Lady was in the hallway outside your hospital room. She was not allowed to be there, but the doctors didn’t know she was there because the doctors did not know how to see Cobweb Lady. Cobweb Lady saw you before your mother did. She was the first person to know what you looked like. Cobweb Lady had one eye on the hospital bed where you were born, and one eye on the plot of ground far away where you will one day be buried. Your mother held you in her arms and smiled at you. Then, from her hiding place in the hallway Cobweb Lady frowned, and so your mother also frowned, but she didn’t know why. To this day your mother doesn’t understand why she didn’t blink once on the day you were born. This was just one of the many incredible times that Cobweb Lady was looking at you!

2. The night of your 10th birthday

On the night of your 10th birthday, after you had gone to sleep, Cobweb Lady was looking at you. She stood against the wall opposite your bed and watched you sleep from across the room. It was dark, but that was fine because Cobweb Lady doesn’t use light to see. Cobweb Lady had brought a gift for you. It was a photograph of you holding hands with a tall man whose face was a smile that went the wrong way! She was going to leave the photograph under your floorboards, but while you slept you had a dream that she didn’t like, so she punished you by switching the you in the picture with the you in the bed. You didn’t notice because you were asleep, but to this day, the person you used to be is holding hands with the tall man whose face is a smile that goes the wrong way! It was yet another awesome time that Cobweb Lady was looking at you on your birthday long ago!

3. Six Days Before You Were Born

Six days before you were born, Cobweb Lady made a perfect sculpture of you out of paraffin wax. It technically wasn’t the real you, but it was identical to you in every single way. Cobweb Lady stood in the dark and looked at you. Even though it was dark, Cobweb Lady could see you perfectly, and even though it was cold, the wax sculpture of you slowly melted. Cobweb Lady watched without blinking while your wax figure melted and then she walked deeper into the dark. Six days later, your mother gave birth to you and Cobweb Lady was able to find you and look at you for real. Some of the teeth from the sculpture ended up in your mouth!

4. A night you don’t remember when you walked through the forest

There’s a night in your life that you don’t remember when you left your bed and walked into the forest. And guess what? Cobweb Lady was looking at you then! You made your way through the trees, bathed in moonlight that was coming from two directions, and Cobweb Lady looked at you the whole time! You stopped in front of three trees and knelt before each one, and a hand reached out of a hole in each tree and placed a coal-black fruit in your mouth like a priest administering a communion wafer. And Cobweb Lady was looking at you while you ate the coal-black fruit from all three hands at all three trees! Then she watched as your body and your shadow walked in different directions. One of Cobweb Lady’s eyes followed you, and one of Cobweb Lady’s eyes followed your shadow. Only Cobweb Lady was looking at you then, so only she knows how you found your way back home, but Cobweb Lady will never tell you because Cobweb Lady doesn’t tell you things, she only looks at you. This was just one of the many wonderful times that Cobweb Lady was looking at you!

5. Right now

Cobweb Lady is looking at you right now! Her eyes are bigger than they’ve ever been, and even though she is looking at you from far away, she’s never been closer to you! Physical distance has nothing to do with how close Cobweb Lady is to you. Knowing Cobweb Lady, she’s going to keep looking at you until she’s close enough to reach you. And then you’ll be able to look at Cobweb Lady, too!