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6 ’90s Sitcom Stars Who Could Not Be Present On This List, But Send Their Warm Regards

If you grew up in the ’90s, then chances are you remember these incredible ’90s sitcom stars! Unfortunately, none of them could make it to this list, but they send their warmest regards.

1. Courteney Cox

Friends star Courteney Cox wanted very much to appear in this photograph today, but unfortunately, due to an unforeseen family issue (nothing serious, just something that needed to be attended to sooner rather than later) she was unable to make it onto this list. She said to say thank you for watching Friends.

2. Ben Savage

If you grew up in the 90s, you probably spent some time with the Matthews family on Boy Meets World! Ben Savage, who played the show’s titular “boy,” Cory Matthews, did everything he could to appear in this awesome pic, but unfortunately, scheduling conflicts prevented it. He sends his best wishes.

3. Candace Cameron Bure

You might know the lovable Candace Cameron Bure better as D.J., the eldest Tanner daughter on the 90s television staple Full House. Sadly, she could not be here because she missed her flight, which we understand happens sometimes. She sincerely apologizes for her absence.

4. Alfonso Ribeiro

Fans of the classic 90s sitcom The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air will no doubt remember Alfonso Ribeiro’s charismatic performance as the spoiled—but ultimately endearing—Carlton Banks. He was supposed to be sitting at this tiny table, drinking a small glass of champagne, and looking at the camera like, “What? Who, me?” but he actually hosts a bunch of game shows right now and his shooting schedule prevented him from being present on this list.

5. Tim Allen

Tim Allen, the star of Home Improvement and world-famous movie star, was supposed to be in this picture. However, it turns out he had to attend a close friend’s wedding during the photo shoot. He sent his friend Gordon to appear on this list on his behalf, and you can see him in this picture. Gordon says that Tim Allen says that he was honored that we asked him to appear on this list, and that he deeply regrets that he was unable to make it.

6. Fran Drescher

So, we almost got Fran Drescher, the iconic star of The Nanny, to appear in this photo, which would have been a great conclusion to this list, but then, on the day of the shoot, her publicist called to say that Fran Drescher couldn’t make it onto the list because she was “tired.” Last time we checked, that’s not really an excuse for pulling out of a professional commitment, Fran. If it’s any consolation to you guys, Ms. Drescher apparently mustered up enough energy to say she was sorry she couldn’t appear on this list for you. We’re sorry too.