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6 Bed And Breakfasts That Ewan McGregor Stayed At Once, Ranked By How Much They Lean On That In Their Advertising

Ewan McGregor stayed just one time at each of these places, but they’re really milking it for all it’s worth.

6. Cedar Lane Inn

Sure, this place mentions Ewan McGregor, but there’s other stuff going on here, too. The ad works with or without him. As far as McGregor-heavy advertising goes, this is mild.

5. Oakridge Inn

Coming in at No. 5, this bed and breakfast is a little more blatant in relying on Ewan McGregor. Still, they didn’t play up his one-night stay quite as much as the rest.

4. Bay Bed & Breakfast

And here we go. This one is totally taking advantage of the fact that Ewan McGregor stopped in for about seven hours in the middle of a cross-country trip. The whole advertising campaign pretty much lives and dies on his star power, earning it the four-spot.

3. Falcetti Villas

Incredible. This ad is utterly shameless about emphasizing the one single night that Ewan McGregor visited Falcetti Villas. A single-minded focus on Ewan McGregor on full display here. Paul McCartney stays there every Christmas, and they’re not even mentioning it. Just really beating that McGregor drum hard.

2. Ewan’s Garden Bed & Breakfast

In the No. 2 slot is a bed and breakfast that used to be called Rose Hill House until the moment Ewan McGregor set foot in there and they immediately renamed the whole thing.

1. Beechwood Farms

Wow. This place gets the top spot for really sucking as much as possible out of Ewan McGregor’s one-day visit. Beechwood Farms went all-in on Ewan, and you’ve got to hope it paid off, as they clearly have no plan B after publishing this ad that defiantly pushes the boundaries of how dependent upon Ewan McGregor a bed and breakfast can be.