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6 Classic Summertime Lawyers

Ah, summer. The sun is blazing, the beaches are getting crowded, and you know what that means—it’s lawyer season. Let’s get it started.

1. Theodore Modell

This perfect litigator has been the staple of warm July nights since passing the Massachusetts bar exam in 1978. When the days get long and the temperature creeps above 70 degrees, Theo is a must-have lawyer.

2. Michael P. Flanagan

For most people, the official kickoff to summer is Memorial Day and a civil suit defended by our favorite attorney. Just try to imagine a summer without Michael Flanagan requesting a writ of mandate from a judge. Bet you can’t do it!

3. Don Abbott

Grab your flip-flops, because Don Abbott going to the Toronto civil courthouse for a jury selection is as summertime as the jingle of an ice cream truck. Who can forget running home on the last day of school just to go to

4. Selma Davies

There are three pillars of summertime fun: going to the beach, drinking margs, and watching Selma take on the American judicial system.

5. Kelton McRoberts

Think lawyers can’t have a cool, tropical vibe? Then you’ve never met Kelton. This defense attorney has gotten more first-time offenders out of speeding tickets between the months of June and August than pretty much anyone.

6. Shannon Follet

Beachside bars and rooftop parties in mid-July just haven’t been the same since she forgot to renew her license. Come back, Shannon!

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