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6 Disney Characters Everyone Had The Hots For Growing Up

You lost your innocence fast after seeing these Disney movies.

1. The broom from Fantasia

Even before learning what sex was, all Disney kids knew they wanted a piece of this hottie.

2. The broom from Cinderella

Sure, it was a bit weird lusting after a cartoon, but come on, who wouldn’t play seven minutes in heaven with this little vixen?

3. The broom from Snow White

Yeah, yeah, the prince was great, but if we were Snow White, we’d never be able to let go of this cutie!

4. The broom from Mary Poppins

Cutest couple ever! We all dreamed of being in a relationship like this one day.

5. The brooms from The Sword In The Stone

These made us tingle in all the right places.

6. The broom-faced dog from Alice In Wonderland

Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.