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6 Episodes Of TV You Have To See Before You Donate Your Eyes To Me As You Said You Would

You gave your word. No going back now.

1. Better Call Saul – “Five-O”

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Revisiting Mike’s revenge over his son’s killers along with his own betrayal of his son is a masterstroke in storytelling, and something you must witness before handing over those eyes of yours to me. I still have the piece of paper we both signed, so there’s no getting out of this.

2. Breaking Bad – “Ozymandias”

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Some critics say that this is the greatest television episode of all time. I say that you need to stop sitting on your hands and watch it already, because the husks over my current eyes are growing thicker every day. I’m not going to let you out of your promise, but I still want you to experience this incredible episode before making good on your word.

3. Seinfeld – “The Contest”

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How you’ve gone 29 years without seeing this classic episode, which has so many memorable lines, including “Are you still master of your domain?” is beyond me. All I ask is that you don’t wait another 29 years. I need your eyes, and I need them soon. If you choose to renege on the deal we made in that cabin on that still autumn night, do so at your own risk.

4. The Office – “Finale”

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Saying goodbye is never easy, as evidenced by the fact that you still haven’t given me your eyes nine years after vowing to, but The Office really did a nice job tying up the series. I’ve already lined up a man named Drodge to preform the procedure, and he’s ready to go just as soon as you remember to honor the commitments you’ve made.

5. The Sopranos – “Pine Barrens”

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You can’t just promise to donate your eyes to someone and then back out. That’s wrong. Every ray of light that’s absorbed by the retinas in your eyes when you watch Paulie and Christopher try to avoid freezing to death in the forest belongs to me. Do not forget that.

6. Mad Men – “Nixon Vs. Kennedy”

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Give me your eyes. Or I will take what is mine.

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