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6 Famous Cats, 1 Selfie. You MUST See The Pic That’s Breaking The Internet

If you’re reading this, that means the internet has just been fixed after this celeb-cat selfie ANNIHILATED it! Lil Bub, Princess Monster Truck, Venus, Oskar the Blind Cat, Klaus, and Waffles came together to make the only selfie that could top Ellen’s star-studded Oscar tweet.

Move over, Bradley Cooper. And sorry, we’re not sorry, JLaw: There’s a new selfie king in town. Deal with it. If your mind isn’t melting from all the #aww and #win that’s in this selfie, you need to look again.

R.I.P. the internet, because it’s OVER: This selfie just won everything.

We know your thirst for celebrity cats is unquenchable, and that’s why we have this exclusive behind-the-scenes video showing you how this selfie was made. Did Lil Bub get along with Princess Monster Truck? Which cat was the hardest to work with? And you’ll never guess the heartbreaking tragedy that almost canceled the entire shoot. This is the only video you will ever watch again.

Simply uh-mazing!

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