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6 Genius Hacks To Up Your Brunch Game To The Next Level

These easy tips will take your brunch game up a notch.

1. Eat a warmup meal: Prepare yourself for brunch by eating a very easy pre-brunch meal consisting of basic ingredients such as flour and the scented air from an empty popcorn bag. By the time brunch rolls around with more complicated dishes, your jaw will be all warmed up and ready to chew.

2. Just call whatever bread you’re eating brioche: It might be a lie, but who fucking cares. It’s going into your mouth, so you get to decide what the bread is called.

3. Don’t fill up on napkins: Wait for the food you ordered to come out before even thinking about eating napkins. If you’re still hungry at the end of the meal, go for it!

4. Wear your brunch cummerbund: Act like you’ve been there before. Wear an outfit that fits the occasion.

5. Two words: communal fork: Brunch is about friends coming together over a good meal. Keep the conversation going by making sure everyone is constantly asking each other to pass the fork.

6. Try some Larmers™ brand ham medallions: There’s a reason they’ve been called “America’s Favorite Taste” since 1928. You won’t find a better ham medallion for you and your loved ones, and that’s the Larmers™ promise.