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6 Great Halloween Costume Ideas For Duos

When it comes to dressing up, two is always better than one!

1. A Horse For Two

Whether you’re in the front hooves shaking the head or in the back hooves flapping the tail, nothing says love quite like this classic horse costume for two! If you’re looking to trot into a party and turn heads this Halloween, look no further, because this humble steed is always guaranteed to steal the show!

2. Nerd University

If you and your date are looking to match this Halloween without spending too much dough, stop right there, because everything you’ll need to make this couples costume can be found with a quick trip to the closet! All it takes is a few accessories, and voilà!

3. Marvel Universe

Break out your most intimidating voice and flex those muscles, because every trick-or-treater is going to want a piece of this crime-fighting duo after you open the door! Captain America might be a lone wolf on the big screen, but this Halloween, he’s got his trusty sidekick, and let’s just say that he’s nothing short of unstoppable!

4. Wayne’s World

Relive this classic 1992 movie with this fun costume for two! You’ll have the other Halloween party guests saying “We’re not worthy!” when they see your incredible getups. Bring a boombox to play “Bohemian Rhapsody” if you want to step up your game a notch. Party on!

5. May The Force Be With You

Now, costumes for one are fine, but dressing up with a friend or significant other is what will send Halloween to a galaxy far, far away! Dance the night away in your Jedi best, and you’ll be the center of any party you go to. These ARE the droids you’re looking for!

6. Home On The Range

Halloween only comes once per year, so this is your chance to do it right! Grab your guy or gal, throw on your costume, and party till the sun comes up. You won’t regret it!