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6 Pictures Of Scarlett Johansson That Will Make You Say ‘This Is A Picture Of A Boat’

We love us some ScarJo. So, why not take the time to check out some pics that’ll DEFINITELY have you saying, “Wait, this is just a picture of a boat.”

1. Wow. This gorgeous picture of Scarlett really makes you say, “This is a boat.”

2. Look at this iconic still from Lost In Translation. You’re probably asking yourself, “Wait, is this just another boat?”

3. You can see why Maxim named ScarJo its Sexiest Woman Alive in 2013. You just HAVE to say, “There are two people on that boat and neither of them is Scarlett Johansson.”

4. Here’s a shot of Scarlett as Black Widow in The Avengers. We can hear all you comic book fans: “Another boat. What did I even expect at this point?”

5. You can’t help but think, “Jesus. These are all just pictures of boats. None of them even have Scarlett Johansson in them.”

6. “Why did you do this?” Yup.