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6 Sizzling Noises That Only ’90s Meat Eaters Will Understand

Meat noises today can’t hold a candle to these classics.

1. If you ask any meat eater to describe what it was like to be carnivorous in the ’90s, don’t be surprised if they reply with their best imitation of this iconic sizzle.

2. This. Sound. The original ’90s sizzle. The good ol’ days when this could be heard across every American grill. While it held enough broad appeal for child meat eaters to enjoy, it always had something a little naughty just for the parents to understand. No smartphones necessary to appreciate this classic griddle noise.

3. Meat eaters in the ’90s went wild when in the now-classic episode of Friends “The One Where Joey Ruins Labor Day,” Joey and Chandler fired up the grill, threw on some burgers and then…well, if you haven’t seen the episode, you won’t get it.

4. Keen listeners will know this one is straight from the summer of ’95, from the Johnson family’s burger barbecue in Orlando, FL.

5. If you’ve never woken up with this sound stuck in your head, it’s because you either weren’t around in the ’90s, weren’t eating meat then, or both.

6. The ’70s were all about hissing, and the ’80s featured their fair share of crackling. But when it came to the ’90s, sizzling was king, and no sizzling noise was more recognizable to meat eaters than this one. And we miss it every day.

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