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6 Sunsets That Are Doing Some Major Legwork For These Bible Passages

In times of hardship, we love looking to the Bible for strength and inspiration. But if we’re being totally honest, these six Bible passages are propped up almost entirely by some truly breathtaking photographs of sunsets. Take a look!

1. Sure, this is the word of God and all, but the sunset is doing the heavy lifting here.

2. C’mon, this breathtaking sunset is definitely what’s selling this image. The quote itself? Meh.

3. Isaiah could maybe stand to pull his own weight a little more.

4. Look, as soon as you remove the sunset, this quote looks like something from Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul.

5. Superimpose a lady praying over the sunset, and maybe that Bible passage is starting to carry its own weight a little.

6. Not bad.