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6 Tasteful Halloween Costumes You Can Wear To Your U.S. Citizenship Naturalization Ceremony

Finally becoming an American this Halloween? Try these outfits to look festive yet classy while swearing your allegiance to the United States.

1. The Scream Guy

For a look that says both “I’m giving up my green card” and “Halloween is my favorite holiday of all,” wear this terrifying movie costume to the courthouse. The outfit comes complete with an iconic mask that is 100 percent bailiff approved—perfect for citizens new and old!

2. Killer Clown

Not looking for some kind of expensive costume that you’ll only ever wear one time, when you’re waving tiny American flags at an immigration center? All it takes is a nice, fitted suit and a plastic axe from home, and you’ll be the best-dressed new American citizen for miles!

3. Full Ape Suit

Fun fact: The United States technically cannot kick you out for reciting your oath in between grunts. Really, it’s the thick layers of fur and lifelike teeth that push this from a simple Halloween costume to a citizenship ceremony showstopper.

4. Inflatable Muscle Man Costume

Here’s the thing about getting naturalized—you can’t show up wearing some revealing outfit, even if it is Halloween. This inflatable bodybuilding costume boasts full coverage, and the electric motor ensures you’ll stay puffed up even while you’re signing your certificate.

5. A Member Of The Flintstones Family

Fred? Wilma? Pebbles? Dino? The gang’s all here! Share this incredible honor with the whole family when you all show up wearing matching caveman-themed togas.

6. Dead Nun

At the end of the day, after you’ve been trying for years to get through, there’s no greater honor than turning to the flag and reciting an oath dressed as Sister Constance, a woman who was stabbed with six knives in the convent but never made it to heaven. When you leave the ceremony and can finally go to a costume party as an American citizen, it will all be worth it!