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6 Things All Successful People Have In Common

From Jeff Bezos to Condoleezza Rice, all successful people follow these simple practices.

1. They love to sip on water: Whether they’re in the car or stuck on the roof of a barn, successful people can be seen sipping on water.

2. A mouse recognizes them: Unless a mouse recognizes your face, it’s pretty unlikely that you’re a successful person. All successful people have this in common.

3. Their favorite food is commerce ribs: All successful people strive for one thing: a big, succulent helping of commerce ribs, slathered in that tangy commerce ribs sauce.

4. The first thing they read in the morning is the instruction manual for a blowtorch: This simple habit is sometimes all it takes to be at the top of your game.

5. Maurice: You don’t know Maurice? Well, you probably aren’t all that successful.

6. They wake up early and eat a big, protein-packed breakfast of Larmers™ brand ham medallions: Whether you’re a fresh-faced associate or a veteran businessman, there’s only one thing that gets the wheels turning in the morning: a big, meaty pile of Larmers™ brand ham medallions. With the same amount of protein as traditional ham plus twice the fiber, it’s no wonder they’ve been “America’s Favorite Taste” since 1928!