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6 Things Every Army Brat Experienced

If you grew up with one or both of your parents in the military, you definitely experienced these things.

1. Having your parents wake you up in the middle of the night to ask you if war is good: Everyone who grew up with parents in the military knows how annoying it is when your mom and dad wake you up in the middle of the night and frantically ask you if war is good. So frustrating!

2. Your mom packing an American flag in your lunch every day: It was kind of embarrassing, but the American flag inscribed with a handwritten note that always ended with “Love, Mom” in your lunch bag every day really made you feel loved.

3. Crying when the United States Army Band broke up: You won’t forget the sad day when you took down the picture of the bugler—a.k.a. the hot one—from your bedroom wall.

4. Pausing to salute every time you see a car: It’s a habit that stays with you for life.

5. Having to be on your best behavior when your parents had Colonel Bedlam over for dinner: All true military brats remember the feeling of having their parents’ boss, Colonel Bedlam, drive over from the base in his Blood Chariot to have dinner with your family. You knew that if you weren’t on your best behavior, Colonel Bedlam would send you to Battle Planet to fight in America’s Eternal War. Those were the most stressful dinners ever.

6. Joining the enemy army just to rebel: Every army brat has been here before. You get into a fight with your parents, and next thing you know, you’re fighting for the Baathists in the Gulf War. How else were you going to act out?