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6 Things Every Grocery Store Cashier Knows To Be True

Price check on totally annoying customers, please…

1. You have to bury any old people that die in your checkout line: Not every old person dies in your line, but after one dies and you have to pay for the funeral and personally dig their grave, you start to think they’ll all die.

2. If a customer guesses correctly whether or not you’re wearing a belt underneath your apron, their groceries are free for life: A cashier’s nightmare. Every grocery worker knows when it comes to interacting with customers to stick to the small talk.

3. Grapes are pretty much the worst returns to deal with: So many people return the grapes without the skin and expect to be reimbursed. No skin, no refund. Come on, people.

4. The conveyer belt is a great way to clean your tongue: Bad breath on the job? Just place your tongue on the conveyer belt and let it go to town.

5. If cornmeal curfew is at 10:00, everyone will wait until 9:55 to buy their cornmeal: It’s like rush hour for cornmeal. The. Worst.

6. Pointing a laser at your bok choy at home only reminds you of work: Running a red laser across bok choy used to be your favorite way of winding down after a long day, but now it just reminds you of your job. Sigh. Such is the life of a grocery store clerk.