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6 Things Only Morning People Will Understand

Sorry, night owls, but you just don’t know what you’re missing.

1. You just get more done between 6:42 a.m. and 6:44 a.m.: There’s just no time quite as productive as those sweet, sweet minutes known as 6:42 and 6:43. Everything is quiet, and you can actually focus. If you’ve got to get the big presentation ready, you know you’ll have 120 good seconds to tackle it at 6:42.

2. Eating dinner before work: If you wake up early enough, you don’t have to wait until after work to have a full dinner. Get it done in the a.m.!

3. Watching the sun take a few practice rises: You have to get up pretty early to see the sun warming up for the real thing. But witnessing the sun’s dedication to perfection is a special moment that inspires all morning people to strive for their best.

4. Marky “Wolfman” Schlesinger and the KRTY Bear Cubs are there to help you start your day with the hits of yesterday and today: Ah-wooooooooooo!!! That sound means it’s morning in the Twin Cities, and the Wolfman is here from six to 11, taking calls, chatting up local celebrities, and pranking producer Dave “The Biz” Keller.

5. Watching the birds get delivered: Sometimes it’s nice to sit back with a cup of coffee and wait for the bird deliveries to arrive at your trees. Pretty hard to do if you’re hitting the hay when the previous day’s birds are just being picked up!

6. The sound the sun makes when it rips through the horizon: Regular folks just don’t know that signature screech of daybreak. You know it’s worth setting the alarm a little earlier because there’s simply no other incredibly loud tearing noise you want to hear to start your day.