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6 Tricks For Making Your Smartphone Battery Last All Day

Are you always at 10 percent? These tips were made for you.

1. Turn off push notifications that let you know when babies are born: We all want that instant gratification of knowing the exact name and location of every single baby born on the planet, but it can really eat up your battery. Do yourself a favor and turn it off sometimes.

2. Permanently attach your phone to your home power grid: With a few simple modifications, you can easily hook your phone up permanently to your home power grid. You won’t be able to use your phone on the go, but you’ll have a constant charge without all the stress.

3. Don’t leave your phone’s flashlight on in your pocket to ward off thieves who might steal your chapstick: While safety is important, this is a deeply paranoid behavior, and it’s not helping your phone battery one bit.

4. Disable the “Power All Cars” feature: This automatically enabled feature uses your phone to wirelessly power all automobiles within a mile radius, and it tends to deplete your phone’s juice pretty quickly if you don’t disable it.

5. Don’t press the button that uses up all your phone’s power in five glorious seconds: It can be tempting to overcharge your phone and get a few seconds of peak performance. But you’re better off having your phone last for several hours.

6. Download whatever free battery-saver app has a bunch of stars: They wouldn’t let an app that breaks your phone in the store, right? Plus, it’s got reviews, so there you go—problem solved.