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6 Ways To Finally Move On From Your Ex Forever, Or At Least Until He’s Ready To Date You Again, Which Is Hopefully Soon

Getting over your ex isn’t easy. It’s a delicate process that takes time. Luckily, there are ways to move on from him forever, or at least until he’s ready to date you again, which hopefully happens soon.

1. Understand it’s okay to be sad for a while: If you need to let it out, let it out. It’s fine! You’ll get through this, and before long everyone will see you’re doing well, including your ex, who might even decide to get back together with the new and confident you, ideally in the next week or two.

2. Do things to rebuild your old self: Remember: YOU are interesting! Take time for yourself to read and watch things that fulfill you, write in a journal, or just spend time alone—whatever helps you become your old self again, the same self that your ex fell in love with. Strengthen that part of you and make it even stronger than before so he can’t resist. You can do this!

3. Trash the things he gave you: This is your time to get your shit together. Box up those old love letters and throw them in the trash. That should hold you over for the next couple days before he texts you asking, “You around?” If it’s Tuesday, don’t throw them in the trash because Wednesday is garbage day. Maybe your first date back together can be going to the dump to retrieve the letters.

4. Take up a new class or a hobby: Doing something active can help take your mind off your ex, especially if it’s an activity that lets you bring a plus-one so that when your ex comes back you two can jump right into something together. He can’t stay away for too long. You guys were dating for two years. Any class will do. Your gym might have some for a fair price.

5. Get back out there! Try dating someone else for a little while: You are worthy of love! Be open to different people, and maybe you can learn something new that will be exciting for your ex when he comes back. When he sees how much you’ve grown, he’s going to want you even more!

6. Get together with just your best friends: There’s no one like your friends to help you move on. Set a night aside to hang with your besties, live in the moment, forget the past, and NEVER take any pictures with other guys! Your ex might see and get the wrong idea. He needs to know you’re still in love with him, you’re waiting for him, and you will always be waiting for him.