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6 Weasels That Will Make You Nod Your Head And Say ‘Weasels’

Get ready to nod, because here are some weasels that will make you nod and then quietly say “weasels.” 

Yep, here’s one. A weasel. Can’t help but nod and say “weasels” when you see this small creature.

Well, what do we have here? It appears to be some type of weasel, which you will undoubtedly acknowledge with a quick nod of your head and a faint whisper of the word “weasels.”

Again, when you see this animal you will nod and say the animal’s name, which is “weasels.” You will repeat this sequence several more times before this article ends.

Yep. Weasels.

*nodding profusely*

Nodding is a standard way of acknowledging things such as weasels, as is saying the names of the things you see. Therefore, it is entirely appropriate for you to nod and say “weasels” when you see this photo. This is how one learns about the world.

We have no more weasel pictures to show you today, but if you’d like to relive this internet experience, you are permitted to read through this list and nod at the animals one more time. When you are finished, please close this browser tab and never visit ClickHole again. Thank you for your cooperation.