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7 Amazing Kids You Won’t Believe Are Just Adults Kneeling On A Pair Of Shoes

These may look like ordinary kids, but you won’t believe what we’ve discovered about them.

1. Katie Goertz

At first glance, Katie appears to be a regular kid who’s maybe getting ready for her first day of school, but in actuality, she’s just a 29-year-old woman playing tricks on your eyes by kneeling on a pair of shoes.

2. Adam Johnson

You would assume Adam is like any other fun-loving kid, but don’t let the placement of his shoes fool you; that’s not where his feet are—that’s where his knees bend. Adam is actually 34.

3. Brian Musser

Sure, Brian seems to be just an energetic boy with a winning smile, but that grin actually belongs to a 32-year-old architect who’s kneeling on a pair of sneakers. Sneaky indeed!

4. Mike Winthrop

You might think it’s a little peculiar that a kid like Mike has already started to lose his hair, but surprise! Believe it or not, that bald child is a 55-year-old accountant just goofing around like everybody else.

5. Laura Domville

But Laura here is definitely someone who’s in elementary school, right? Wrong. She’s a fully grown woman and is using the placement of her footwear to deceive us.

6. Tiffany Kilroy

We know what you’re thinking: There’s no way little Tiffany here can be anything other than an adorable toddler. Sorry to break your heart, but Tiffany is actually a 27-year-old woman who knelt on her shoes and then tucked her arms into her shirt for good measure.

7. Pete Crosby

Isn’t it cute that Pete already has his Halloween costume ready to go for this year? No, not at all, because Pete is 35 years old, squeezed into a large child’s Iron Man costume and kneeling on a pair of sneakers.