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7 American Landmarks You HAVE To Visit This Summer

Finally planning that epic cross-country road trip? Don’t miss these seven cherished national attractions that have become universally recognized as icons of America the beautiful.

1. World’s Largest Snake Ball (Provo, UT): A hotspot for almost 25 years now, Provo’s nearly 9-foot-tall mass of live snakes trying to mate with one another must be seen to be believed.

2. National Skee-Ball Memorial (Reno, NV): This hallowed site honors all those who died by falling into the holes in our nation’s Skee-Ball machines.

3. The Naturally Occurring Manager’s Office (Missoula, MT): A geographical wonder that astounds visitors year-round, this Montana landmark is known for its breathtaking granite desk formations and majestic piles of invoices.

4. Miniature Golf Hall of Fame (Riverside, CA): Tourists flock from all over to this 1/20 scale replica of Augustine, FL’s World Golf Hall Of Fame.

5. The McDonald’s Restaurant (Amherst, VA): Despite its obscure location and unassuming staff, this joint’s signature taste is instantly recognized by true burger fans worldwide. Just look for a big yellow “M” 90 feet in the air!

6. The Swimming Pool Of Known Pushover Terry Mirkell (Morehead, KY): Stop by at pretty much any time of day or night for a dip in Morehead resident Terry Mirkell’s in-ground swimming pool. Forgot your towel? No worries—Terry has plenty! And while you’re at Terry’s pool, don’t forget to ask about the truffles his aunt got him while she was in Switzerland. He’s only got five left, but he’ll definitely give you one.

7. Canada: No road trip is complete without a scenic drive through America’s crown jewel.

Before packing up your car and setting sights on the National Skee-Ball Memorial, be sure to put some Jack Link’s beef jerky in the passenger seat.

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